The Entrance Doors PVC Series by Herrasti, a fusion of innovation, durability, and style that sets new standards in entryway solutions. Our front door system in PVC, boasts an installation depth of 82.5 mm and modern five-chamber technology, offering exceptional heat insulation for your home.
Crafted with precision engineering, the PVC front doors ensures remarkable stability, thanks to its large chamber for stiffening elements, shaped steel reinforcements, and matching corner reinforcements. The firm bond in the area of the ground threshold, achieved through the engagement of vinyl and aluminium parts on two planes, further enhances its structural integrity.
In addition to its impressive performance, the S 9000 front door features a weatherboard system solution that not only enhances functionality but also elevates its visual appeal. This system provides maximum protection against driving rain and ensures effective sealing with insulation profiles at multiple levels in the area of the ground threshold.
Experience the benefits of outstanding heat insulation, a choice of colours, effective protection against driving rain, and versatility in glass and panel thicknesses up to 52 mm (with STV® up to 54 mm). With very good statics thanks to its large chamber for stiffening elements and matching steel and corner reinforcements, our PVC entrance doors stand at the forefront of quality and reliability.
Moreover, PVC front door series, allows for multiple configurations, including double leaf openings and the combination with opening leaf with fixed glasses and panels, providing you with endless possibilities to customise your entryway to your exact specifications.